Munchy's OatKrunch Dark Chocolate 16's - Case

Munchy's OatKrunch Dark Chocolate 16's - Case

Munchy's OatKrunch Chunky Hazelnut 16's - Case

Munchy's OatKrunch Chunky Hazelnut 16's - Case

Munchy's OatKrunch Strawberry & Blackcurrant 1's - Case

12 x 416 gm

Oat Krunch Strawberry & Blackcurrant

Have a berry tasty yet healthy crunch with our Oat Krunch Strawberry & Blackcurrant biscuits! Baked with juicy, fresh berries and specially selected oats and wheat for a wholesome crunch anytime, anywhere. Crunch on delicious Oat Krunch today!


We believe in healthy biscuits that are tasty, and tasty biscuits that are healthy. Just like our Oat Krunch biscuits, made with healthy oats and tasty ingredients.

Oat Krunch contains sources of fibre and are trans-fat free with no preservatives and conveniently packed for whenever and wherever life takes you. It’s the perfect crunch for everyone!

Have it all with Oat Krunch!

An oaty goodness

Did you know oats are rich in beta-glucan powers that can help in lowering cholesterol levels, blood pressure, risk of coronary heart disease and is a healthy source of fibre?

Guess great powers really do come with great responsibilities like keeping you happy with a biscuit that is healthy yet tasty!

A healthy snack that comes in many flavours

Available in Cranberry, Chia Seeds & Milk, Strawberry & Blackcurrant, Dark Chocolate, Chunky Hazelnut and Nutty Chocolate flavours, staying healthy will never get boring. Packed in convenient packets so you can crunch anywhere, anytime. Have it all! 

  • Price per Carton: Packing 12 x 416 gm
  • Please contact us for special pricing for pallet quantities the (50 -100 cartons )
  • Minimum Order : 6 Cartons
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Capacity 12 x 416 gm
Brand Munchy's
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