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Taking FMCG Wholesale to a Whole New Level in Singapore

As the first-ever wholesale E-Distributor in Singapore, we have developed a life-changing solution for every FMCG wholesale stakeholder down the supply chain, bringing the traditional direct wholesale trade in Singapore to an entirely new scale.

At Direct Wholesale, our goal goes beyond providing a platform that empowers FMCG brands, distributors, suppliers, and companies in Singapore, putting their products within easy reach – digitally. At the same time, we also strive towards enabling bulk buyers to get their hands on a diversified product line at unrivalled prices. 

What Makes Direct Wholesale Singapore The Finest Platform?

Get direct support from a team of professionals

Whether you are a supplier or a bulk buyer, our dedicated team of professionals is committed to provide an impeccable direct wholesale experience for you. Besides possessing an in-house delivery system, we also house a team of administrators who would go the extra mile to prioritise your logistic needs and interests above all else. At Direct Wholesale Singapore, you can certainly count on us to deliver nothing short of excellence.

A promising and vast distribution network

Food & Beverages and Health & Beauty distributors can seamlessly tap into our vast distribution network. With our centre of operations in Singapore, one of the biggest trading gateways to the ASEAN region, be prepared to reach major establishments across the region and beyond. 

Leverage on our marketing efforts

With our state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and decades of marketing expertise in the FMCG industry, companies can leverage on our marketing efforts to generate stronger brand recognition and stay competitive in the complex marketplace.

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