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Food nourishes one's body and soul! Besides eating and drinking to sustain our bodies, we do so for the sheer pleasure and enjoyment of good food! Nutritional, wholesome food products, when had in the right proportions, become our diet, which determine how fit and healthy we are. Soups, cereals, honey, organic and super foods are some of the essentials for living a long and healthy life! So check out the items available on our Food Shelf to add to your own!
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Kickstart Your Day with a Hearty Bowl of Cereal from Direct Wholesale Singapore

We have all heard about the conventional wisdom: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It not only provides you with the strength and energy to fuel through the hours ahead, but it also supplements heaps of health factors such as better digestion and cognitive performance. It is said that one should “eat breakfast like a king”, and we cannot agree more. So, skip the glorifying breakfast no more and start getting your hands on some wholesome goodness to jumpstart your day!

What better way to do so than with a healthy and delicious bowl of cereal? These fruity, sugary or grainy crisps are not only easy to serve, but they are quick to make too. Running a race against the clock? We understand. It is no secret that Singapore is a fast-paced society. But hold up – if it only takes a minute or two to put together a nutritionally dense bowl, fortified with vitamins and minerals, why not?

Incredibly Nutritious Options Right at Your Fingertips

If you don’t already know, we pride ourselves as a one-stop platform that offers a variety of quality products from the world’s leading brands and aspiring startups, at the best possible prices. And the cereal catalogue on Direct Wholesale Singapore is no exception. We offer different kinds of cereals including whole grains, oats, corn flakes, fruit loops, rice crispies, granola and muesli, mixed with nutritional dried fruits, coconut flakes and berries. Take your pick from popular brands across the world such as Post, Alpen, Nestle, Quaker, Kellogg’s, Cowhead and more.

Aside from cereal, you can also find complementary milk choices in Direct Wholesale Singapore to complete your meal. After all, what is cereal without milk, right? Click here to browse through our selections of milk, the impeccable companion to your cereal.

Bringing the Best Wholesale Canned Goods to You

The ingredients and contents in your canned foods are usually preserved by the canning method, which helps to seal the goodness in an airtight container, enabling them to have a prolonged shelf life. With the “fear of losing out” (in other words, “kiasu”) spirit in us, Singaporeans tend to sweep wholesale canned goods off the shelves to better prepare themselves for a ‘zombie apocalypse’ or an alarming emergency that drives the world into a stockpiling frenzy. Despite being a relatively affordable and convenient alternative, more often than not, many consumers tend to perceive canned foods as unhealthy or even unsafe.

However, who says canned food cannot be healthy? In fact, a handful of canned foods can be just as nutritious as your trusty fresh and frozen foods. The amount of minerals, fat-soluble, vitamins, protein, fat, and carbohydrate remain relatively unchanged throughout the process of canning. This means that all your essential nutrients, not forgetting flavours, are well preserved. So, don’t think of the underrated canned food as a staple only in times of catastrophe. In actuality, numerous of them has the ability to fortify your diet with the vitamins and fibres that your body need.  

Reimagining Wholesale Canned Goods Distribution

Direct Wholesale is the distributor of the future. Through the implementation of advanced analytics and technological transformations, the traditional approach to wholesale canned goods are reimagined and reshaped in our platform to empower modern consumers. Check out our variety of canned foods which include meat, fish, fruits, vegetable, and a bundle of other categories that will delight every palate. You will also be able to spot expert trademarks from the canning world such as John West, Ice Cool, Tulip, Golden Light, Mili, Hunt’s and Farmland. 

Register with us and uncover all your FMCG needs – in a single platform.

Wholesale Cooking and Baking Supplies in Singapore

Just like the wise man once said, “cooking is an art”. We too believe that both cooking and baking are forms of art. Whether you are a professional chef, pro baker, or simply a home cook, it is undeniable that cooking and baking both require a mix of knowledge, experience, passion and creative imagination. It goes without saying, having the right ingredients too. Imagine whipping up a dish without cooking oils and seasonings, or baking a cake without the staple flour and baking powder. Ultimately, what goes in our food goes into our stomach. To recreate the same great flavours that please every taste bud, while giving us the nutritions we need, cooking and baking supplies are absolute necessities.

However, when buying ingredients in bulk, making several trips to the grocery stores might not be the smartest idea. Sure, traditionally, grocery shopping in brick-and-mortar stores is probably the only solution to grab those piles. Hold your horses – online wholesale stores are here to change the game. Why make the trip down to grocery stores to grab your cooking and baking supplies when you can get them at the comfort of your home, and at the same time, shave a few dollars off your expenses?

At Direct Wholesale, we make wholesale buying of cooking and baking supplies in Singapore an easy, convenient and reliable affair for you!

Your Dedicated Online Wholesale Supermart

Direct Wholesale carries an extensive range of good quality cooking and baking supplies for your pantry and kitchen shelf. From broths, oils, and seasonings, to condiments, cake mixes and beyond, you can count on us to have it all! Some of the reputed brands in Singapore for your selection include McCormick, Borges, Old El Paso, Bertolli, Crisco and Heinz, to name some.

Join us as we make lives a little healthier, happier and easier for you.

Get the Best Rice and Pasta Deals from Your Preferred Supplier in Singapore

Staple foods like rice and pasta form the bulk of our modern Asian diet. They are the most critical essentials on every meal tables – for millions across the globe – and we literally cannot go a day without them. Not only are they our primary source of minerals, vitamins, and fibre, but with the diversity of rice and pasta supplier options in Singapore, the sphere of the staple food has completely revolutionised. With the myriad of possibilities carved by the versatility of these foods, an increasing number of Asian food recipes have emerged in the world over the decades. For these reasons, it is very important to get the right varieties of these essentials to balance our diets and spice up our meals. 

At Direct Wholesale, we work with a diverse range of rice and pasta supplier alternatives and major establishments in Singapore to bring you a diversified catalogue. Our array of pasta types includes: Fusilli, Spaghetti, Penne, Angel Hair and Fettuccine.

Not forgetting, rice, which serves as Asia’s alternative voice. So hear us: we carry Jasmine rice, Basmati rice, Glutinous rice, red rice and brown rice. Whether you love yourself one with sticky texture or one with a firm and chewy texture, Direct Wholesale has it all.

When you browse through our catalogue, be prepared to spot brands that may possibly ring a bell such as Barilla, Alce Nero, San Remo, Colavita, Maicar, Borges, Naturel and Arrighi for pasta; as well as SongHe, Double Flying King, Golden East Sun, JA Iwate Furosato, Diamond G Calrose Rice, US Farmers’ Brown Rice, Rice Box Cambodia, Super Oning Koshihikari Royal India and Kitchen Queen Ponni for rice.

Direct Wholesale Brings Forth Immense Value for Our Bulk Buyers

Our team works closely with logistic companies to ensure that we meet your logistics and delivery requirements. On top of that, we also outsource our warehouse to accredited food storage warehouse facilities to ensure that the products meet the highest F&B safety standards, among other advantages that await.