Gain exposure and access to a wider international network of bulk buyers always on the lookout for new products and good deals. Combining our decades of expertise and experience in the industry with modern e-commerce and digital technology to disrupt the conventional inefficient ways of FMCG distribution, we redefine your selling experience and bring you closer to your target customers than ever before.

what you get

WIder buying network

Make your products immediately accessible to a wide network of bulk buyers across the region without the costs and limitations of traditional distribution networks.

managed distribution

We handle all aspects of logistics (including licensing, permits custom clearance), warehousing and delivery to buyers so that you don’t ever have to worry about it.

brand advisory

More than a platform, we are your brand partner in helping you plan the ideal product mix to suit respective market regions and customer segments.

buying insights

Receive regular updates on customer analytics and bulk buying trends so that you are always kept abreast of the latest market sentiments.

marketing support

Take advantage of the promotions and sales campaigns we regularly run across all our online channels to create maximum exposure and awareness for your products.


We practice fair and transparent pricing to ensure that bulk buyers are procuring your products at competitive rates while your margins remain healthy.

major & niche brands all on one platform

startup/niche brands

  • Immediate exposure to bulk buyers across Southeast Asia
  • Shortened pathway to being a national player in the market
  • Advisory to help you become more professional and increase your valuation

Major brands

  • Efficient access to bulk buyers with reduced layers in between
  • Managed distribution allowing you to focus more on product development
  • Real-time analytics and pattern data allowing for innovation, test marketing and increasing sales

international brands

  • End-to-end managed service from logistics to marketing support
  • Effectively your branch office in Singapore and the neighbouring regions
  • Brand advisory to help you optimise your product mix for the region