Who We Are

About Us

Direct Wholesale, Singapore's first wholesale E-Distributor, envisions a 'one-store-solution' for all bulk buyers and suppliers of food & beverages and health & beauty products.

Our simple platform offers the best variety of quality products from the world's leading brands and new aspiring startups at the best possible price.

Direct Wholesale has at the heart of its ecosystem - the Empowerment of Brand owners or distributors and bulk buyers. For bulk buyers, Direct Wholesale democratises product access and unlocks higher margins. For brands, it offers wider reach, control and unlimited scale.

For Niche Brands, here is an opportunity to unleash your potential.

Our mission is deeply rooted in quality, variety and transparency - all wholesale community -driven values. Buyers and Suppliers now have a unique opportunity to disrupt and change the traditional wholesale trade.

To an efficient and productive way of doing business in this digital age.

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